YouTube Make Video Ads A Breeze


YouTube has launched a new platform which will make creating professional-looking video ads for the site a simple matter. The YouTube Director for Business app. is intended to make the most of the recent increase in the number of visits, as well as visit duration to the site and the company wants to cash in on the momentum.

There are two ways to use the app. The YouTube Director for Business app and the YouTube Director onsite service.

The YouTube Director app is free and is currently only available for iPhone in the US, Canada and UK. (Coming soon to Android) You just download the app on your iPhone and select from ready-to-go templates that’ll help you introduce your business, and show potential customers what you have to offer.
Just point your phone and shoot — the app will show you what to do step-by-step. You can easily add text, animations and music to create a polished video ad.
Then upload your finished video to YouTube and start promoting your business to customers. One of The company’s AdWords experts will help you set up your video ad if you choose that feature and someone from Google will contact you within two days.

After the video is complete, the upload process is automatic, and it even offers the help of a Google AdWords expert. If a business chooses to go for that feature as well, someone from Google will contact them within two days.

The second offering is even more interesting. The Director onsite service literally sends a professional filmmaker to shoot and edit a video ad.
You Choose a video template and they will match you with a filmmaker to help you write a script. (1-2 hours for script writing)

Your filmmaker will come to you to shoot, edit, and deliver your video—all in the same day. (2-3 hours for video shoot)

An ads specialist will get your video ad set up to help you reach the right audience for your business. (30 mins for video ad set up)

This is currently limited to just London and Manchester in the UK, and the service is free but you are expected to spend at least $150 on YouTube ads.

Alice Mansergh, director of Google Marketing Solutions for UK and Ireland, says: “With the YouTube Director App we want to make it easier for businesses everywhere to be able to find new customers and engage with their audience through high quality videos. Now, small companies can tap into the power of video advertising and content marketing, and therefore compete with larger brands on the world’s biggest online video destination”.